MS. Djarot, S.sos Wakorwil for the city of Bekasi with the celebration of Isra Mi’raj 1443

Reporter : A. Malih DH
TEROBOSHUKUM.CO.ID – MS. Djarot, S.sos Deputy Regional Coordinator (Korwil) for the city of Bekasi with the celebration of Isra Mi’raj 1443 H, and sponsoring orphans, Wednesday night Thursday 16 March 2022 coinciding with the 13th of Shaban 1443 Hijriyah, Betawi Rempug Forum (FBR) G .032 at ta’lim Macan Kramat

By usually greeting the deputy regional coordinator, Bang Djarot, he confirmed in the chat that not long ago, in September last year, he held this donation, God willing, which he often does, then on the anniversary of Isra Mi’raj it is also colored with donations to orphans, now We also invite symbolically, according to him, Wednesday (16/3/22)

Donations to orphans were held in the Padepokan yard where the Chairman of the Betawi Rempug Forum (FBR) G.032 ta’lim Macan Kramat, Jl Raya Dr Ratna Kav BNI, Jati Kramat village, Jatiasih sub-district, Bekasi city, West Java, Wednesday (16/3/22)

“In commemorating the Isra Mi’raj and donations to the Orphans, the Head of Korwil Noval Said, FBR Bekasi city highly appreciates the commemoration of the Isra Mi’raj which is marked by the existence of donations for orphans, this is an example for all FBR substation heads,” he said.

Then he also invited all substation heads and their members to clean up mosques, mosques and family funerals to face fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, then invited to worship more in the holy month of Ramadan. Wednesday (16/3/22)

In his speech, he also said that it was very regrettable that there was still one head of the substation whose members had not been Rempug in the internal organization, it was very regrettable but he firmly told his staff, “Solve the problem amicably,” firmly said the Bekasi City Regional Coordinator.

Interrupted earlier, he also said that the FBR now must have a recitation of majlis ta’lim, like what was done at the majlis ta’lim of the Kramat tiger so that it no longer uses violent means but in a religious way, said the head of the Bekasi City FBR Regional Coordinator. West Java.

From one of the scholars present, Ustadz Ubaidillah Sopari said during his speech, in the compensation, he said FBR cares for orphans, FBR is learning to make a bright face, may people or FBR bersodakoh, his sustenance continues to increase which is always given by Allah SWT, and softened his face, a quote delivered in his talk, Wednesday (16/3/22). (A. Malih. DH)

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