Bekasi City FBR Regional Coordinator Noval Said Performs Ruwahan Ahead of Ramadhan

TEROBOSHUKUM.CO.ID – The culture or tradition carried out by the Betawi Rempug Forum (FBR) Regional Coordinator (Korwil) Bekasi City Noval Said ,  in welcoming the fasting month is very diverse and different. The tradition of welcoming fasting in the city of Bekasi is known as the Ruwahan tradition.

This tradition has been carried out for years which combines traditional beliefs and Islamic religious teachings. This tradition is preserved until now and is still carried out, especially in the regions

This tradition has a unique procedure in each region, but most have the same concept, namely to pray for their ancestors and pray for their deceased colleagues.

Present at the Ruwahan event ahead of the fasting month, Al-Walid KH Abdul Hadi, Gus Solihin from the United Development Party (PPP) Member of the Bekasi City DPRD, MS Djarot Wakorwil FBR Bekasi City who is also the leader of Taklim Macan Kramat and also the head of the FBR 32 substation, and Anwar Sadat as the Bekasi City Ormas Alliance and all heads of Bekasi City FBR substations

The ruwahan tradition is also a tradition of gratitude to Allah SWT, which is carried out in the month of Ruwah, precisely between 10-20 hijriyah in the hijriyah calendar and an expression of joy in entering the fasting worship in the month of Ramadan.

There are a series of events that are performed in ruwahan events such as nisfu Sya’ban (Sabanan), mosque cleaning, slametan, grave pilgrimage, until the end of the shower event (junub/mandi keramas) at the end of the month of Syaban. (A. Malih. DH)

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